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General options

Search in subfolders

By checking this options the AFR will search also in subfolder. By default it is checked, it is common used variant and therefore it is placed quite far from the main window, into the options dialog.

You may limit subfolder depth in using Min Subfolder Depth and Max Subfolder Depth options.

For example, Search Path is C:\docs\

When Min Subfolder Depth = 0 it will search as usually. AFR will process files located in folder C:\docs\ and all subfolders.

When Min Subfolder Depth = 1 then AFR will process all files in all subfolders but it will skip files in root folder C:\docs\

When Max Subfolder Depth = 0 it will process all subfolders.

When Max Subfolder Depth = 1 then AFR will process all files in root folder C:\docs\

And in one-level deep subfolders like C:\docs\work\ or C:\docs\home\ but not in two-level subfolders like C:\docs\work\project1\ and deeper folders.

Show file description by default this options is also checked. But often you don't need to see that txt is a Text File and so on. So you can easily uncheck this option.

When you press Clear button, you may tune the program in such way that it will clear Search Query (in Find operation) or/and text fields (in Replace operation). Check correspondingly Clear Search Query and Clear text fields (Find and Replace) options.

If you would like don't show Help button in main window, uncheck Show Help button in main window option. This Help button is primary used to stimulate new users read the help. For advanced users the button might looks overloading main window.

Force Read Only files if a file has ready only attribute the program will force to replace it.

Minimize to tray is simple, but quite useful feature if you use AFR very often.

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