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Find operation

What can you do in normal Find program in Windows? Just find one string in files. But with Advanced Find and Replace you can make normal search queries to gather information. If you are familiar with search queries of Google, Bing or Yahoo, you don't need to read this topic. AFR uses language of this search engines.

For instance you may easy make the following query:

+"John Smith" resume -salary (Read more about queries)

Use advanced options to limit your search by file size or changing time.

You may also specify several masks to search you files.

Types of queries:


Native means here that you may use native queries of search engines above. I.e. use search with +,- and double quotes.


All listed words and phrases in the queries MUST present in document.

i.e. if use following query with AND

"Hello world" download program

AFR will transform it into

+"Hello world" +download +program

Note: you can't use AND or OR operators directly in the query. I.e. following query will not work as you want:

"Hello world" AND download AND program

The AND operator here will be used just as a normal word.

For the same reasons you don't need to use + and - . If you use query +hello +world, it finds words +hello and +world, but not hello and world.


AFR will try to find any word contained in query.

So, if you use query

Hello world download program

AFR will try to find at least one of the words Hello, world, download, program.


If you need to find long phrase that contains several words, use this type of search.

Sample query:

Hello world download program

In terms of native search it will be transformed internally into one phrase:

"Hello world download program"

Therefore AFR will not try to find words Hello, world, download, program as separate words.

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