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Can I use AFR for searching of MS Word files?

Yes, you can make full search in MS Office files since Advanced Find and Replace v1.5.0. Versions before v1.5.0 were capable to do search in MS Office files as plain text files. Read more about the topic options of Find operation.

Can I use wildcards (regular expressions) in AFR?

Sure, read about it in our regular expressios section.

Can I use wildcards (regular expressions) in find operation AFR?

No. You can't use Find operation with regular expressions. However if you want to search files with regular expressions - use Batch operation in Just find mode with activated regular expressions. It will be even more powerful than Find operation, because it allows searching with several lines of text. In one of new versions of AFR we are also planning to add regular expressions to find operation.

Can I use AFR for replacing of MS Word files?

Sure, it's possible since AFR v1.5.0. Please read some tips in options of Replace operation.

How to search and replace in Microsoft Excel macros?

Please read the corresponding topic.

I have difficulties with displaying my national chars in Query of Replace text. What should I do?

Go to Options window and change font's charset into your national.

Can I replace files names? (Can I use Advanced Find and Replace as a file renamer?)

Sure you may replace AFR to replace in file names. Check ON Replace in File Names option for Batch replace operation.

Why I don't see the standard context menu when I right click in results?

Context menu for Windows files in quite difficult and undocumented procedure in Windows. Most often you even don't use it. But in a case you want to perform more operations with file you still can open it by Open in folder command (right click on a file in results) and then perform moving, renaming and so on by normal Windows Explorer.

What does it mean the Found field in search results?

It depends on the operation you perform. So, if you make Find operation, in the Found field will be displayed sum of number of search words and phrases found in a file. While in Replace operation it will contain number of Text to Find fragments found in a file, and therefore replace/insert/delete operations with these fragments.

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