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Find options

By default search in AFR is case sensitive for phrases and it is not case sensitive for words. But any time you could change it by applying Case sensitive for words and Case sensitive for phrases options.

For instance, it could be useful don't consider case both for words and phrases.

You may also limit you search results with Show not more than option, or use Show all results options to show all files matching your query.

Sort by number of found words option allows to sort results by frequencies of search words in the query. If you switch off this option, results will display files in the order how they found.

Turn Find in MS Office files ON in order to activate OLE engine of Advanced Find and Replace. So AFR will be able to do correct search in MS Word and Excel files. Note that using this option slow downs the search in 10 times in comparison with simple plain text search. Normally Word and Excel files with only English text have a plain text format for text part of a file. So if you are in English countries, please turn off this option. If you are in non-English countries and want to do search in Office files, you need to turn on this option.

"What you see" (WUC) HTML Search allows searching only contents of files i.e. what you normally see in HTML file when you use Internet Exporer, without searching HTML tags.

Find In File Names - by default AFR searches inside of files, if you check ON this option, AFR will also search in file names.

Use regular expressions

When Use regular expression option is ON AFR searches for files using regular expressions. Modifiers for regular expressions are taken from Batch replace tab of Options window.

So you can use any mode: Native, OR, AND, Phrase but instead of literal words AFR will consider words as regular expressions.

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