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Replace options

Confirm before action (replace/insert/delete)

Check it to show alert before an action with file.

Use Advanced Options of Find operation

By default AFR does not apply filters in advanced options (file date, size, length) for replace operation. Check this option ON if you want use these filters for replace operation.

Save as Unix files

You might know that Unix files use just 0x10 char as a separator for new line operation. But in MS DOS and Windows they use a pair 0x13 0x10. So when porting you files, for instance, Perl scripts, you may have difficulties with understanding your scripts by Unix platform.

When you check this options, AFR will save changed files with just 0x10 char as the new line separator and your scripts will be understandable for Unix!

Delete trailing CRLFs

One of the most often problems why AFR can't find text that you specify is trailing CRLFs at the end of "Text to Find" and "Replace by Text".

When this option is checked, AFR will delete trailing spaces at the end of the texts for replacements. If it is unchecked, it AFR will use exactly the same text as you typed.

We understand importance of this feature, therefore we wrote even special chapter for that. Read more about deleting of trailing CRLFs.

Turn Replace in MS Office files ON if you want to do replace operation in MS Word and Excel files. If this option is OFF and you do replace on Office files, this will damage their structure. This option in fact says AFR to use MS OLE engine to do replace. Using OLE is not always the same on different platforms. So probably AFR could produce some exceptions. Please report it to us ASAP and we will correct the bugs. Note that in general replacements in Microsoft Office files will be in 10 times more slower than replacements in plain text TXT, HTM and etc files.

If you check option Make only one cycle for Cyclic Replace From File action program will make only one cycle. See more detailed description in Replace operation.

Make cycle on multiple files
OFF: AFR makes several cycles inside each file.
ON: AFR takes one string from file with replacement strings and replaces all occurrences found text by this string. Then it goes to second file and replace all found occurrences by second line of file with replacement strings. Etc.

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