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Abacre Hotel Management System - getting started

Start Abacre Hotel Management System.

On Login window enter admin as username and 111111 as password. You may change it later on Workers window.

Abacre Hotel Management System has advanced security roles configuration. It's possible to split the workers to several groups, for example, receptionists access only reservations/stays window, restaurant staff may access POS features, room service workers access to room cleaning etc.

You will login into test database with some pre-filled information. Later you may connect to empty database.

Go to main menu Hotel - Room Types. Create needed room types like Standard Single or Standard Double. The room pricing is defined by these Room Types.

Then go to menu Hotel - Rooms. You may create as many rooms as needed. It's not limited. Assign room type for each room.

After that you may start making reservations. Press Reservations button on main tool bar of buttons. Then press Add button to create new reservation.

  1. Select a guest for reservation.
  2. Specify From Date and To Date fields.
  3. Then press Add button to add one or more rooms to this reservation.
  4. Press Save button to save reservation.

Then press Check In button to create a stay. Or press Stays button. Create new stay by pressing Check In button.

  1. Choose a guest for the stay.
  2. Set Check In and Check Out dates.
  3. And then Press Add button to add rooms for the stay.

You can make deposing by pressing Make Deposit button.
And then press Print Folio to see the operations like room changes, restaurant orders and payments.
Finally press Check Out to close the stay.

It's possible to see free and occupied rooms by pressing Room Calendar button.

It's also possible to create restaurant/bar and shop orders by pressing New Order button.
Then you may accept the payment by any payment method like cash or credit card. Or use Client's Account as a payment method to accept the payment on client's room/stay.

The software supports wide variety of hardware: door lock systems, bar code scanners, cash drawers, customer displays, MSRs and all types of receipt and invoice printers.

Also software have several hotel specific, POS specific and general reports.

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