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Stay window is used to manage guest's accommodation.
It's possible to create new stay from Stays window by press Check In button.

  1. Select a guest for stay.
  2. Specify From Date and To Date fields.
  3. Then press Add button to add one or more rooms to this stay.
  4. Press Save button to save stay.

As an option you may select Purchase Order Number and Purchase Order date.
Main buttons for working with stay:

  • Press Stays button to go to the list of stays.
  • Save Stay button is used to save the stay information.
  • Make Deposit button to accept payments for the stay.
  • Use Print Folio to print the stay. 
  • Use Check Out button to finish the stay.
  • Cancel Stay button is used to annulate/cancel the stay.
  • Recalc Charges button is used to recalculate rooms charges in case of earlier check out, changing rooms etc.

It's also possible to change room during a stay by pressing Change Room button.