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Barcode Reader (Bar Code Scanner) configuration

Before starting to use barcode reader (bar code scanner) the OPOS drivers should be installed.

Our software may also with barcode reader without OPOS drivers.

Then setup the barcode reader (with OPOS drivers):

  1. Go to menu Configuration – Preferences – Barcode Reader.
  2. Check Use Barcode Reader option.
  3. Specify Logical Device Name for the barcode reader.
  4. Press OK button to save the options.
  5. You may need to restart Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale.
  6. Then on Order window the barcode reader will be automatically activated.
  7. It's sufficient to simply pass an item in front of the barcode reader and the item will be added to an order.

Note: barecode readers may be used not only for adding items to orders. But also for quick workers logins. 

Several types or barcodes are supported (for example, barcodes with encoded weight or price informations are also supported).

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