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Door lock system support in Abacre Hotel Management System

Currently Abacre Hotel Management System support a door lock system from Joney Technology Co. http://www.joneysecurity.com/
If you need support of door lock system from our vendors please contact support.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Download additional libraries from https://www.abacre.com/download/prorfl.zip
  2. Extract all libraries from this zip into: C:\Program Files (x86)\Abacre Hotel Management System 8\
  3. Start Abacre Hotel Management System.
  4. Go to menu Configuration - Preferences - Hotel.
  5. Check "Use Lock System" option.
  6. Select an appropriate door lock connection method.
  7. Go to menu Hotel - Rooms.
  8. For each room add a corresponding Lock No.

Now how to use it?

Go to Stay window.
For add a room to the stay.
You see 3 buttons:
* Issue Guest Card - this is the main button. You may use it to issue a card with expiration date equals to checkout date.
* Erase Guest Card - you may use it to clean card information.
* Read Guest Read - use this button to show basic information about the card: Card No, Expiration Date, Hotel ID.

Note: in our system Hotel ID field is taken automatically from the card. Thus there is no separate option to specify Hotel ID in on Preferences window.

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