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Advanced options

Folders to ignore

Specify list of folder that you want to ignore from Find, Replace and Batch replace operations. All subfolders of specified folders will be also ignored.

You may use the same expressions like in file masks:
? means any one char
* means any number of any chars.

For example, you can add ignore folder C:\docs\test

To ignore all test folders containing word test you can simply add test into folders to ignore.

Another example: adding into folders to ignore .svn will ignore from search and replace all Subversions folders.

Or you can add t?st. It will ignore folders containing test, tast, tost etc.

Adding t*st will ignore folders containing test, toost, taaast etc.

In some cases it would be wise to ignore from search c:\Windows folder.

Backup files

When Backup files is ON AFR creates backup files with .bak extension.

Handle Unicode files (with ANSI chars only)

This option enables Unicode search and replace. The options works now only for Replace and Batch replace actions. So if you need a find capability use Just find option in Replace or Batch replace actions. In this version the option only works with Unicode files having only Western/Latin chars.

Search and replace in formulas

Allows to search and replace in Excel formulas.

Search and replace in macros

Allows to search and replace in Excel macros. Read more.

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