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How to upgrade from Microsoft Access's database into Firebird's database?

During the past several years we have been using Microsoft Access for database files. Thus all database files had mdb file extension.

Then we started to use Firebird database. File's extension of Firebird database files is fdb.

If you are using old version of Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale you can automatically upgrade your database file from Microsoft Access into Firebird.

Step-by-step instructions are the following:

  1. Install latest version of Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale
  2. Move all database and configuration files from old folder into new folder: \My Documents\Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale 10\
  3. Start Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale
  4. On Login window you may press More button to see Path to Database file.
  5. Enter admin's user name and password.
  6. Press OK button to login.
  7. Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale will automatically detect that your are using Microsoft Access file (because file's extension is mdb) it will show conversion window.
  8. On conversion window press Convert button.
  9. Conversion phase may take from few minutes up to several hours depending on size of your database file.
  10. In case of any errors please send your database and configuration file to support. Otherwise you will see Upgrade process successfully finished message.
  11. Close conversion window. Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale will automatically start using new Firebird file.

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