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What's Firebird database server? Why is it better than other databases?

Firebird database server is free, open source community project started in 2000. The project is based on the source code of commercial database product InterBase. InterBase was initially released in 1986. Therefore Firebird is very reliable and mature project.

The advantages of Firebird database server are the following:

  • It's very reliable and feature-rich.
  • It's 100% free. You don't need to pay for using it.
  • It's very easy to install. We even created a special distribution to simplify the installation of Firebird even more.
  • It's very fast running. Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale runs much faster on Firebird than on Microsoft Access.
  • Workstations run faster in network with Firebird than with Microsoft Access.
  • It' very easy to setup network of connected workstations. Managers may see reports even outside of LAN (via Internet).
  • It may effectively manage databases of unlimited size. You can hold the years of sales history without decreasing performance.

Finally it sounds like with Firebird you are using the power of commercial databases like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server for free.

With Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale you may use two editions of Firebird: embedded and server edition. Embedded edition is automatically installed with Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale. You have nothing to install or configure.

If you are going to make several computers running in network then you have to install the server edition. The server installation is 100% automatic. Read more how to do it.

Read more about history and features of Firebird in wikipedia.

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