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Items configuration

Click Configuration - Items. Note that you should have an administrator's access rights to access items configuration.

Each item in Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale has it's own name, price, note and status.

Items's parameters:

  • Name is a short description of the item, for example "Ice-cream" or "Coca-Cola".
  • Price is a price of the item without currency sign, for example "1.39" or "0.25".
  • Ask for price use this option for items not having fixed price.
  • Note is a full description of the item, for example "Nestle,with hazelnuts, Weight: 125g" or "Coca-Cola light, 0,25l".
  • Status is a current status of the item, it can be available or inaccessible. It means that if the item is not accessible at the current moment of time you should set status parameter to inaccessible value.
  • Code is a short name of a product. Using codes may significantly speedup time of service. It's more fast and easy to add an item to menu by code than by selected it from list of items. Code may contain any sequence of alphabet chars or digits. It's up to you to choose convenient code system for your items. We recommend for speed entering to use only digits for codes.

To add a item click Add button or use Insert key on your keyboard. Enter item's attributes and click Ok button. New item will be added to the list of all existing items. Also you can edit item's attributes by clicking Edit button or using F2 hotkey. To delete an item from the list of all existing items click Delete button or use Delete key on your keyboard.

Note: by default items are sorted by code. If you want to sort items by name (alphabetically) in main menu Configuration - Preferences switch ON Sort items by name option. Sorting with take effect on both Available items on Order page and Configuration - Items.

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