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Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs maybe enabled via menu Configuration – Loyalty Programs.

Currently there are two types of loyalty programs are supported:

Loyalty programs giving discount to customer based on customer's turnover (total number of sales). To enable this program check: Set Client Discount based on client's turnover option and specify the list of limit/discount pairs. For example, when sales are more than $100 the discount will be 2%. When sales are more than $300 the discount will be 3% etc.

Another type of supported loyalty program is loyalty points program.

Check Use loyalty points option. Specify Currency to Loyalty Points rate. For example, for rate equals to 10. When total for order is $200 then customer will earn 200/10 = 20 loyalty points.

In current version loyalty points are accessible to next payment just after closing the order. So you need to manually control the situation when you need to make, for example, loyalty points accessible two weeks are closing the order.

Go to menu Configuration – Payment Methods. Add new payment method: Loyalty Points. Select Media Type: Loyalty Points. Now loyalty points will be accessible on Take Payment window as as payment method. Note: loyalty points are given to clients. So in order to make visible loyalty points as payment method you need to choose a client for order.

See video tutorials on YouTube demonstrating these features: using client's discount based on client's turnover and using loyalty points program.

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