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Gift Cards

Gift cards are accessible via menu View – Gift Cards. You may add a new card by using New button. Specify card's code, for example, 1002 and card's initial amount.

To make New button accessible only to selected list of workers you need to check corresponding security role: Show New button on Gift Cards window.

Then you need to add new payment method. Go to menu Configuration – Payment Methods. Add new payment method with name, for example, Gift Card. Select Media Type: Gift Card.

Then go to menu Configuration – Preferences – Gift Cards. Check Use Gift Cards option.

Now go to menu Configuration – Items. Add new item with name: Gift Card. Go to Inventory tab. And select item type: Gift Card.

That's all for gift card configuration.

Now to test it do the following: Go to New Order window. Add a gift card to order. Gift Card will be shown. You will be able to create new gift card by New button or find existing gift card. Click on Choose for Order button. The gift card will be added to order just as usual item.

You may close the order and take payment by cash, for example.

Next time the customer wants to pay for order Gift Card will be shown on Take Payment window. You will be able to find the gift card by code and accept it as a payment. Partial payments are possible. For example if gift card's initial amount is $100. then you may pay $100 on Take Payment window or just any part of it, for example, $40. in this case the gift card's balance will be updated as $100-$40=$60. And the customer may use the gift card later.

See video tutorial on YouTube demonstrating this feature.

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