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Abacre Point of Sale can work with all purchasing documents:

  • Purchase Order,
  • Receive Voucher,
  • Return Voucher.

Usually purchasing manager should prepare purchase order to request goods from a vendor. Purchasing manager may use any suggested cost for each item. The purchase orders do not modify inventory quantities on stock.

Then vendor ships the goods with Purchasing Invoice. Purchasing manager should put the goods on stock and record the items using Receiving Voucher. On closing the Receiving Voucher the inventory quantities and costs will be updated. It's possible to record directly Receive Voucher without using previous Purchase Order.

If some items should be returned to the vendor, use Return Voucher. The inventory will be also updated (deducted) upon closing the Return Voucher.

It is possible to import list of items for using Import button. List of items may be one of the following formats: comma separated, semicolon separated or tab separated. Each line of the import file must contain fields in the following order: name of item (as defined on Items window), quantity and cost.

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