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Affiliate with us and get 5% from reselling by making a simple link to our site!
Information for affiliates

How it works

For example you have web site with high traffic and you want to use your traffic with a profit. One of the ways to do it is to place a link on your site to our site.

For example you can write a simple message recommending the program or even whole our web site.

In this message you place a link to your site with special tracking ID.

After reading your message a visitor may click on this link. It will redirect him to our site. After that she can buy the product immediately or she can try it first. For example she downloads the program and uses it during its 30-days trial period. If she decides to buy, she clicks on Bow Now link inside of the program or in any place of our web site. It does not matter where she clicked the link. Finally your tracking information will be added to his order.

After completion of the order PayPro Global will send you notification that order was executed for this customer. And you will get part of the sale to your PayPro Global affiliate account.
Normally once a month or after reaching specified minimum amount, for example, 300 USD, PayPro Global will send you money by your preferred method: check or wire transfer.

So what should you do:

1. Fill application form (apply now)

2. We will review it and in positive case we will approve it.

3. After approval you will receive login name and password for access of your PayPro Global affiliate account. There you can specify your minimum founds transfer amount

4. With given tracking ID you place links to our site.

5. After that you start working as affiliate and receiving you sales commissions to your account as we described above.

Please apply now for becoming our affiliate.

If you have any questions about being partner with us, please, don't hesitate, write us to partners@abacre.com

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What people are saying:
"Advanced Find and Replace is an incredible web admin tool. Both me and my database admin guy use it all the time. It has saved us many hours of work when it comes to making numerous changes to many .asp pages on our internal intranet site. Thank you for a really super product."

Terry Babin
Web Administrator
xwave ICSC Moncton New Brunswick, Canada

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Yahoo! Inc.,

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