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Advanced Find and Replace
What users are saying


"The best of all the search and replace programs!"

I tested just about every search and replace program available, and delete all but this one. Advanced Find and Replace has an instant learning curve, every feature I wanted, and they're very receptive to user suggestions. Just get it.

"Thanks a lot!"

In terms of value for money Advanced Find & Replace is one of the best programs I ever obtained a license for. And the after sales service is really good.

I am using this program every day several times. If I had to do my website programming without it I would have to work at least one more hour every day.

Peter Zucht
Webmaster Ireland Accommodation Directory

I bought the program because we moved our web sites around. Our company has over 20 sites and some are the same sites under different addresses. We went from absolute Linking to Relative and this product did in an hour what would have taken weeks to change. Since then I still use it to change some web pages, but also to help find documents on my PC or server. It makes a great search engine for finding text in a document that you've forgot where you put it or what you called it.

It seems to just get better with each release.

Toby Whitehouse
Frankfort, Ky

"A well thought-out product, well worth its money!"

I tried several S&R tools before, but "Avanced Search and Replace does it all for me! It's feature-complete (and gettin better with each update!), fast, and easy to use.

I use it for all my S&R tasks, and can recommend it to everyone. 5 Stars!

The Netherlands

"A must-have for webmasters and anyone who has a large amount of files."

As a webmaster, this program has been a lifesaver many times; I can safely say it's saved hundreds of hours of my time. It's quite easy to use, and has lots of nifty features, like letting you know exactly where and how much your search changed. The only two features I would like to see is support for HTML documents where multiple spaces/newline characters are ignored, and an option to save old replace searches into a log file. Kudos on a job well done!


A really fine tool I use mainly to change unique textstrings in many different files in our 2000 user domain. It has more functions than any other search and replace tool out there.

Thank you.

Siggi Achterholt

I cannot tell you how many hours of Finding and Replacing this program has saved me. To top everything off the Support is as good as the program! Two thumbs up, four if I had them! Worth every penny!

Ron Lewis
DiRon Marketing

Best regards and compliments for your program which is easy to use, fast and powerful!

Robert Behar Casiraghi
www.languages-on-the-web.com and "Family English", the magazine that teaches you English the fast and easy way.

This is a must have for any webmaster. It allows me to make global changes to my website files in a single operation. Afterwards they can just be uploaded as a batch. Before it used to be tedious and time consuming.

John Durham
Award winning web site at http://modecideas.com?sig

Advanced Find and Replace is a huge time saver when you need to make changes to multiple auction listings (HTML files). I have over 200 separate listings that can now be modified in a fraction of the time.

Now if you can find a way to get it to work with the auction listing templates in eBay's TurboLister, that would save a lot more time for auction sellers.

Tropis Swimwear

Absolutely no software beats Advanced Find and Replace for speed versatility or stability. Essential kit for home or office. From simple find and replace text operations, to finding text or code in any number of documents or advanced regex replace operations, I can not recommend this software enough. Upgrades are never about just more features, it stays slim and fast with only really useful features in each new addition. I am more than happy to support it and keep the upgrades coming.

All the best
Brett Kantor

We tried your trial of Advance Find and Replace and found it to be such a HUGE timesaving program to mass edit our website templates that we decided to buy it. It's incredibly useful to be able to edit links and email addresses and even currency settings at the touch of a button. It would take us hours to manually edit such details. Thank for this brilliant software.

Best wishes
Ali & The Team at Home Workers Ultimate Guide
Kent, England.

We have been using AFR for a couple of months now and whilst we don't have to use it that often when we do we are sure glad we've got it! For instance we've recently had a situation where an organisational restructuring has required the rewording of some 300+ mail merge documents and the thought of having to locate and then update every one that contains the eligible text without AFR does simply not bear thinking about. That incident alone probably paid for the site license.

John Fell

AFR is a huge productivity booster.

Michael Parkin

Abacre's Advanced Find and Replace made it insanely easy to do something that was potentially tedious. Specifically, I needed to change portions of hundreds of embedded hyperlinks. Just opening all the files and finding them would have meant loss of many hours of productivity. Advanced Find and Replace accomplished the task in seconds.

Mike Caro
President, Mike Caro University of Poker, Gaming, and Life Strategy

It's easy to use and it saves me hours of tedious work!

Caroline Scharf
Technical Writer
Project Achieve

For my job as Freelance webpromotor, it's hardly imaginable to work without AFR, otherwise I should have to edit bannerlinks manually and for 150 + sites, it's a hell of a job. AFR does the job in just a second!

Freelance webdesigner/promotor and digital video editor

You have a great product that has saved me many hours of work when making global changes to websites. Thanks!

Marshall "Rusty" Entrekin, MCP
Website & Graphic Design

Advanced Find and Replace is absolutely the best program of its kind. I tested all of the similar products before I made a decision and this is the only one I ended up buying.

Susan Hayes


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What people are saying:
"Advanced Find and Replace is an incredible web admin tool. Both me and my database admin guy use it all the time. It has saved us many hours of work when it comes to making numerous changes to many .asp pages on our internal intranet site. Thank you for a really super product."

Terry Babin
Web Administrator
xwave ICSC Moncton New Brunswick, Canada

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