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Web Server configuration

Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale has built-in web server. What does it mean for you? As a business owner or manager you may see useful reports from any device: phone (iPhone or Android) or tablet computer like iPad or any other laptop or computer.

Configuration of built-in web server is very easy:

  1. Start Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale
  2. Go to menu Configuration – Preferences – General.
  3. Check Use Web Server option.
  4. Press OK.
  5. Close the program.
  6. Now start the program again.
  7. After successful login you will see message from Windows Firewall asking you do you want to do with just opened web server connection. Press Allow button. Note: you need to do it only once. The next time you run the program (and server) Windows will allow running the server.

That's all.

Now verify that it works fine:

  1. Open any web browser on computer where Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale is installed.
  2. And type:
  3. You will see the list of reports.


  • 8000 is TCP port used by web server.
  • is localhost address.

Therefore if you want to be sure that everything works from your computer where Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale is installed then use If you want to access it from another computer from belonging to the same LAN then you may type if you browser: http://COMPUTERNAME:8000 where is COMPUTERNAME is real name of computer as it's defined in Windows or you may use its IP address.

If you want to access reports from anywhere in the world (i.e. from Internet) using your phone/tablet or computer then there are usually two cases:

You have just one business computer without LAN. In this case you need to be sure you have fixed IP address. You may ask your Internet provider to give you fixed IP address (usually you get it by paying small monthly fee). Thus you address your reports as: http://IP:8000 In your business place you have several computers LAN. It means you have central network router. Maybe you have WiFi router. In this case you also need fixed IP address from your Internet provider. And in your router you need to assign fixed local IP address for your computer with Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale and in your router you need to make port forwarding from your external IP address provided by Internet provider to computer where Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale is installed. Then you may access reports just like: http://IP:8000

Note: usually you don't need to enter each time http://IP:8000. After first visit of report you may create bookmark if your browser. And the next time you quickly visit reports by clicking on the bookmark.

System administrators may even create DNS records in their web site to access reports by subdomain. For example: reports.mybusiness.com

Note: web server is only available in Professional license. If you use Lite or Standard license then you may need to upgrade into Professional license by paying the difference in prices. Read more.

The list of currently available reports displayed by web server:

For Abacre Hotel Management System only:

  • Rooms Calendar
  • Resevation List
  • Stays List
  • Arrivals
  • Departures

For Abacre Hotel Management System and other products:
Sales by Item
Sales by Item by order status
Sales by Table
Sales by Category
Journal Closed Orders
Journal Open Orders

Let us know if you have any questions or if you want to add new web reports.

See video tutorial on YouTube demonstrating web server configuration and web reports

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