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Minimal step-by-step configuration of Abacre Restaurant Server

Here are instructions for minimal configuration required to run Abacre Restaurant Server.

  1. Before downloading and installing Abacre Restaurant Server you need to have two other programs installed:
    1. Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale
    2. Abacre Firebird Distribution. So networking must be configured. And Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale must access database with Remote connection method.
  2. Download and install Abacre Restaurant Server. We recommend you to install Abacre Restaurant Server on the same computer where Abacre Firebird Distribution is installed and where your database file is located.
  3. Start Abacre Restaurant Server.
  4. Specify server name: you may setup name of computer as defined in Windows or its IP address. Usually you install Abacre Restaurant Server on the same computer as Abacre Firebird Distribution. Therefore for server name you may use local IP address:
  5. Specify full path to database file located on server computer. For example, C:\ARPOS\arpos.fdb
  6. Press Start button.
  7. The server will be started. Windows will prompt to create Firewall Rule Exception. Answer Yes to allow to connect to Abacre Restaurant Server from other computer.
  8. That's all. Now to access server from same computer where  Abacre Restaurant Server is installed you should type in browser: and if you want to access server from another computer, tablet or phone then you need to use name of servers computer. For example: http://SERVERNAME:9000/

If you may access the server by using URL  http://SERVERNAME:9000/ from some computers, but not others (especially mobile devices) then read here.

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