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How to access Abacre Restaurant Server from any point of the world?

Abacre Restaurant Server may be used not only in local network (LAN). But it may be also used from any point of the world.

The goal of this guide is to explain how you may access Abacre Restaurant Server from phone/tablet or any other device from any location. Read also related guide How to connect to server computer via Internet? which explain many similar things.

Note: all IP addresses below are given only as examples for better illustration of the whole process.

A typical restaurant's network architecture consist of the several hardware elements:
A. Router. Usually it's Wi-Fi router with several LAN ports.
B. Server computer which holds database file. Usually Abacre Restaurant Server is also installed on the server computer. For example, NetBOIS name of server computer is SERVERNAME.
C. Cashiers and waiters computers, terminals and tablets.

Inside such LAN (local area network) each computer has own local IP address. In default settings of the router each computer has a dynamic local IP address. For example after router's boot IP address of the server (SERVERNAME) may be Next time you reboot the router the server may obtain IP address, for example, or Therefore the first step is to disable dynamic IP address allocation. It's done in the router's settings.

Usually in LAN the router's IP address is always ends with 1. For example, it may be or depending on your network configuration. Open your router's administration panel by navigating your browser to
Go to DHCP section of your router. There are two main choices:
A. Disable DHCP. Then assign to each computer a static IP address.
B. Do not disable DHCP but assign a static (fixed) local IP to the server computer SERVERNAME only. For example it will be In some router you there is a table where you may specify a fixed IP for given MAC (hardware address of computer).

The next major step is to create a port forwarding rule. The main idea behind it is that your internet service provider gives you only one public IP address. For example, it may be
Thus when someone enters in browser then it's not clear to each computer should be routed this request (server, cashier or waiter computers). Thus in router we need to create the port forwarding rule: forward all public requests on port 9000 to IP address of the server computer with the same port 9000. That's because the server computer listens port 9000.
But technically it's possible to create the port forwarding rule: listen public port 80 and forward all requests to port 9000 of the server computer. On Internet there are many guides how to create the port forwarding rules. Some guides are even router specific. Search on Google for details!

As an alternative to creation of the port forwarding rule you may set your server computer to be your DMZ host. You should locate DMZ settings on your router. Click on Enable option. And set server IP address into DMZ host field. In this case the router will forward request from all ports to the server computer. For example, request to will go to; request to will go to and so on.
It's quick and easy to set DMZ host (you may try it as a first step, for tests), but using port forwarding is more professional.
After finishing the port forwarding rule creation or setup of DMZ host you need to restart your router and server computer.

Up from this port you need to know your public (external IP address). Each in Google for What is my IP address phrase. There are several sites showing your IP. For example, it may be
Now you may try to copy/paste it into your phone/tablet browser: and Abacre Restaurant Server should be working.

The main problem up to now is that your internet service provider gives you a dynamic public IP address. Today it may be but after 24 hours it may be changed to and so on. Thus you don't know which IP address should you type in your phone to access Abacre Restaurant Server, you cannot create a bookmark in your browser because IP address is changing.
There are several solutions to this problem: all local internet service providers offer a static /fixed IP address at an additional small monthly fees. For example, your provider may assign you and it will be always your address. Thus you may create a bookmark for and so on.

The next step is that you may buy a domain from any domain registration service. For example, you may buy a domain: myrestaurant.com then in domain registration service you need to setup IP address of hosting provider. In this case the hosting provider is you! Because you own your server computer. Thus in IP address of hosting provider field of your domain registration service you need to enter your static IP address

Now if you type in browser http://www.myrestaurant.com:9000 you will access directly to Abacre Restaurant Server and any one in Internet may access it the same way.
If you already have the site www.myrestaurant.com with some web pages and images then you may create a third level domain with any convenient name. For example, you may create third level domain store. The full domain name will be then http://store.myrestaurant.com or http://www.store.myrestaurant.com The creation of a third level domain should be done in web site of your domain registration service. It's free and you may create unlimited number of third level domains.
As the result: your existing www.myrestaurant.com works fine as it did before and your http://store.myrestaurant.com:9000 may be used for easy access of Abacre Restaurant Server.

Consider the case that you are on a very low budget and you don't want to pay an additional monthly fee to your local internet service provider for static/fixed IP address.
In this case your router has a feature called Dynamic DNS. There are several Dynamic DNS providers, for example, www.noip.com, dyn.com/dns and so it. The main idea is the following:
A. you create an account at dynamic DNS provider. Then you choose a third level domain name, for example: bestpizza and you choose second level domain name, for example, hopto.org (usually the dynamic DNS providers offers several second level domain names for your choice). Thus your Abacre Restaurant Server will be accessible as http://bestpizza.hopto.org:9000
B. in your router you locate Dynamic DNS section and you choose the dynamic DNS provider and specify username/password to access your account at the chosen dynamic DNS provider.
Thus each time your internet service provider changes your public/external IP address the router will notify the dynamic DNS provider about new IP address and you will be able access your Abacre Restaurant Server with the same address http://bestpizza.hopto.org:9000

Some dynamic DNS providers also offer Windows applications. Thus in this case you don't need to setup it in the router. But you may need to install such Windows application directly on your server computer. And after IP changes the Windows application will notify the dynamic DNS provider.
While the preferable way is to use setup of dynamic DNS provider in your router.

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