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Examples of using bill template syntax

By default you have the next bill's configuration:

{$propertyzip} {$propertycity}
Phone: {$propertyphone}
Fax: {$propertyfax}

Table {$tableno} {$date}
Server {$server} {$couverts} couverts
Total net {$totalnet}
{$taxname} {$taxrate} {$taxtotal}
{$tipsname} {$tipsrate} {$tipstotal}
Total {$total}

When you click on Preview tab, you will see the next:

High Road, 57
73527 New York
United States
Phone: +1444555666
Fax: +1444555777

Table {$tableno} 25/11/2007
Server A. Donalds {$couverts} couverts
Total net {$totalnet}
Sales tax {$taxrate} {$taxtotal}
Service charge {$tipsrate} {$tipstotal}
Total {$total}

It means that all of syntax fields will be replaced by its values, for example syntax field {$propertyname} will be replaced by its value "McDonalds". Note that syntax elements like {$propertylogo} or {$tableno} , {$couverts} , {$totalnet} , {$taxrate} , {$taxtotal} , {$tipsrate} , {$tipstotal} and {$total} will be replaced by its values only when you print bill, but not in preview mode.

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