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How to change order of item fields on bills and notifications?

With default settings Abacre POS will print on bills and kitchen/bar notifications the items in the following order:

name qty total

Using "Show Price" option located on Bill Configuration - Parameters tab it's possible to print the list of items in this way:

name qty price total

But how to change order of this fields?

Go to Template tab.
Locate the following line: --
Historically -- means the list of items. We will change it on one of the later version.
But right now you need to replace line with -- with the following line:

{items} {$itemqty} {$itemname} {$itemtotal}{$/items}

In this way the items will be printed using this order:

qty name total

The list of allowed parameters:

{$itemno}  - item's as it's displayed in list of items, for example, 1, 2, 3...
{$itemname} - item's name
{$itemqty} - quantity
{$itemprice} - price
{$itemtotal} - total (total=price*quantity)

Thus you may change the items line the way you may like, for example:

{items} {$itemqty} {$itemname} {$itemprice} {$itemtotal}{$/items}

Or you may even split it into two or more lines, for example, print item's name on one line and other fields on another line:


{$itemqty} {$itemprice} {$itemtotal}{$/items}

But the important thing is that in this way it's hard to guess max length of item's name.
Therefore you need to go to menu Configuration - Bill Configuration - Advanced.
And set appropriate value for option "Max chars count in name of item".
The default value is 15. But you may decrease or increase depending of total width in chars of your bill.
Thus you need also adjust the related option:
"Chars count in one line of a bill".
This option is located on Parameters tab.
This is because the width of bill paper depends on printer you use. Therefore you need to adjust these two parameters.

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