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How to monitor restaurant's activity when using Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale?

Here is the typical situation: inside one restaurant there are several computers with Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale running in network on the same database.
Then a restaurant's owner or manager wants to monitor restaurant's activity from his main office (sometimes located in another building) or home.

There are 4 ways to do it:

1. You may purchase Abacre Restaurant Server. Then install it in your restaurant. Then you may connect to Abacre Restaurant Server from any device (phone, tablet, computer) from any location of the world.

2. You may purchase an additional license of Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale and install it in your main office's computer. In this case there are 3 major variants:
A. You use it for real-time connection restaurant's database. Read the guide on our site how to do that.
B. You may use it for offline analysis. It means that each day (or several times a day) you may run a backup. Then download the backup to your old restaurant computer. (There are special software for automatic sync or download).
C. You may use it in multi-store mode. It's a special case. You on main office computer you hold a main database and each day you download the database from your restaurant and integrate it to this main database. Probably this is not an optimal option for you.

3. You use any remote administration software. The leader is TeamViewer. Thus from main restaurant you connect to one of restaurant's computers when restaurant is closed. You start Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale there. And you do all needed actions: reporting/price adjustment/entering new items or stock. And you may connect to the restaurant's computer even during restaurant open hours but you may disturb servers when they place orders and so on.

4. Professional license of Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale has a small built-in web server. If you actually use only standard licenses. Then you may upgrade just one license into professional license. The listing price for the upgrade is $149.99. Then you may enable web server on it. On Preferences window you need to check "Use web reports" option and that's all.
Then the same as with Abacre Restaurant Server you may use any browser from any device to connect to it from any location. Note you will see only reports. You cannot adjust items, update stock and so on. Right now there are about 8 most common sales reports. But we may implement any new reports free of any additional charge if needed.

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