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How to connect to server computer via Internet?

The most common case: you have two workstations with computer’s names: CASHIER1 and CASHIER2, and your manager has notebook with computer’s name MANAGER.

For example, Abacre Firebird Distribution is installed on workstation with name CASHIER1. So database file is located there and this computer acts a server computer.

On CASHIER1 and CASHIER2 computers you should select Remote as connection method on Login window and you should specify CASHIER1 as a server name.

For MANAGER computer you can do the same.

But consider the situation when the manager wants to see restaurant’s activity, sales reports, employees working hours etc from home?

In this case manager’s notebook is located outside of restaurant’s local network.

So to connect to server’s computer CASHIER1 it’s not enough just to specify server’s name CASHIER1 on Login window of notebook.

In fact the solution is simple: you need to specify real IP address of CASHIER1 computer as Server Name on Login window of notebook.

In very rare cases each computer in local network has each own external IP address, for example,


In this case solution is very simple: in manager’s notebook on Login window press More button and specify as Server Name.

But in most cases computers do not have own external IP address. Depending network’s architecture, they may have, for example:

Router with external IP:, local IP:

And local IPs are assigned to each computer (CASHIER1, CASHIER2 and MANAGER) dynamically by DHCP, so depending on session they may have IPs:,,,, etc.

The solution is the following:

  1. Disable DHCP.
  2. Assign to each computer static (fixed) local IP.
  3. Create port forwarding rule.

Thus you have to login into router’s administration panel with your browser, disable DHCP.

They you may assign the following static IPs:


So each time computer is booted in restaurant’s network it will have own predefined IP.

Then in your router create the following port forwarding rule:

  • Traffic type: Any (or TCP)
  • Public port: 3060
  • Private port: 3060
  • IP address:

Then save the port forwarding rule and reboot your router and computers.

Then on manager’s notebook on Login window press More button and specify as Server Name.

That’s all.

Now when manager is outside of the restaurant the traffic will automatically go the following way:

  1. It will go to router by IP: on port 3060
  2. Then it will be forwarded to CASHIER1 port 3060

That’s all needed to do.

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