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Items Customs Fields

On menu Configuration – Items – General tab you may use pre-defined fields like First Name, Email, Company etc. But you may also use custom fields.

In order to enable custom fields go to menu Configuration – Preferences – Items Customs Fields. And simply set names for desired items.

For example, for first field you may set name: Make. For the second field you may set name: Model. You may define up to 9 custom fields.

Press OK button on Preferences window. Now go back to menu Configuration – Items window.

You will see new tab: Custom. And this Custom tab will contain two new fields: Make and Model.

You may print these fields on Invoices and Quotes using tags {$itemcfield1} and {$itemcfield2} correspondingly. You have to add these tags on your Invoice/Quote template on menu Configuration – Templates.

See video tutorial on YouTube demonstrating this feature.

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