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Client Files

You may use Files tab located on Client window to add documents related to client. For example, it can be: scanned drivers license, signature, identity card or passport. You may add file of any format. Most probably you will use JPEG files for scanned images or PDF files.

When using Add File button your document will be saved directly in database. As result database file may become large. But Firebird database engine used in our program may effectively work with very large files, for example, 1 TB and more. Therefore there are no limit for file's size when using Add File button. After adding file you may remove it from your disk if needed (because it will be saved in database).

Pressing View File button will display file in Windows-defined viewer. For example, it can be Adobe Reader for PDF files. You may use Save File button to export document from database.

See video tutorial on YouTube demonstrating this feature.

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