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General Information

About Abacre e-Commerce

Abacre's main products are Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale, Abacre Retail Point of Sale and Abacre Hotel Management System. We have been developing these products during the past several years. Therefore have huge experience in developing point of sale and inventory products with combination with rich web applications development experience.

In Abacre e-Commerce we are using the same database and code base as in Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale, Abacre Retail Point of Sale and Abacre Hotel Management System. Existing customers may, for example, send us their database and we put it on their online shop in few minutes.

Therefore Abacre e-Commerce is standing on solid ground of our point of sale products. In upcoming months we are planning to release all these products as cloud based services. Thus vendors will have e-commerce shop, point of sale and inventory in one place. Vendors will manage it via any device with web browser: iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows based computers and tablets.

Data isolation

Your items, orders and clients are located in individual database file. Each shop has own database file. Therefore you may be 100% sure that your information is not mixed with information from other shops. We do daily backups of database files.

Free and paid accounts

Abacre e-Commerce may be used as free account or as paid account.

Free account does not mean that you can do everything like creation of spamming pages and sell everything. We have long list of forbidden items. Read license agreement.

Our good will is that we are trying to deliver the best e-commerce platform for shops' owners. Our goal is that shops owners may stay using our e-commerce platform as long as it satisfies their needs even with free account. But we will provide our platform to legal businesses selling legal products and services. We hold the right to suspend or to completely remove the vendor's account in case of license's violation and selling illegal products in particular with or without notice.


We provide free email support to holders of paid and free account. Holders of paid account have a priority of support.

Right now we don't provide free or paid phone support.

You may also find some support via our online support forums where shop vendors are helping to other shop vendors.

Thus even free account holders may contact us for support. Don't hesitate if you have a feature suggestion or found an issue.

Shop's promotion

It's your shop now. And you should promote it by submitting to search engines, creation of pages in social networks like facebook.

Sometimes the good old thing is just to put a written note in your real shop that clients may see prices and other products online. And give address of your web site.

Vendor's Private Zone


You can add unlimited number of clients. Or client may create accounts by themselves via client's sign up page.

When order is paid by cash, it means that usually courier should bring ordered items to client's home and take the payment by cash. In Abacre e-Commerce you have to go to Orders page, find the order and press Take Payment button to record the payment. Then you need to press Close Order button. No other payments will be made for closed orders. But you can change Delivery Status for the closed orders.

In current version there is no account validation by email. We will develop it in future version.


You can add unlimited number of clients.

Currently there is no import of clients from Excel and other files. We will add it in future version. Contact us is you need to speedup the import development.


You can create unlimited number of items.

On hand quantity is real quantity of items on stock. It will be automatically deducted with each sales order.

Items' images must be uploaded in JPG, PNG or GIF format.

Currently there is no import of items from Excel and other files. We will add it in future version. Contact us is you need to speedup the import development.

Item Categories

You can create unlimited number of item categories.

Item categories may be organized into hierarchical trees.

Web Pages

You can create unlimited number of web pages.

Page URI is page alias (address).

For example, you can use page alias: contact

Then the resulting page's address will be www.star.shop.abacre.net/contact

You can also give page alias with any convenient file extension. For example, for page's alias: contact.htm the resulting page will be: www.star.shop.abacre.net/contact.htm

Check Featured option to list the page on shop's front page. Otherwise you should put the links to this page on other pages.

In page's body you can only use products' images or external images. In future version we will add possibility to upload any images directly into shop.


In current version there is only one report: sales by period.

We will add many new reports in upcoming versions. Let us know if you need any new reports.

General Options

Default currency examples: $, , USD, EUR

You may use any text for default currency code.

Decimal separator: comma or dot.

Logo Options

Upload any PNG, GIF or JPG file. Your logo will be automatically resized.


You can specify up to 4 taxes.

For example, tax 1 may be state/province tax, VAT or any text.

Tax 2 may be federal sales tax etc.

On Items page you may select which taxes are applied for particular item.

Payment methods

You may create unlimited number of payment method and choose any name for payment method.

There are for payment methods types: cash, check, bank wire transfer and PayPal Express.

Check Available for client on checkout and Available for cashier on take payment to limit visibility of payment methods.

Shipping methods

You may create unlimited number of shipping methods.

You may specify name and price for the payment method.

In current version price field is not used.

Delivery statuses

You can specify any number of delivery statuses.

The first status will be automatically chosen when client places an order.

Styles editor

With styles editor you may create own shop's unique style by few mouse clicks.

You can do almost everything:

  • Change font's size, color, style and decorations
  • Change background color.
  • Change margins between elements.
  • Even move element from right to left, for example, you can move categories to the right.
  • You can hide blocks of text, for example, you can hide Powered by Abacre e-Commerce text.

It's accomplished by changing cascading style sheet (CSS) via our Styles Editor.

If you don't know CSS we recommend reading the pages: http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp

Finding matching colors and fonts may be a difficult task. Hide professional designer to do it.

If need to can directly download CSS file via the link, for example, www.star.shop.abacre.net/main.css

Web designer may modify the file using preferred styles editor and send it to us by email.

Let us know if you cannot customize certain part of web page or if we forgot to assign style's class name to certain element of web page.

Upgrade into paid account

The advantages of using paid account:

  • Own 2rd domain names like: www.myshop.com. If you don't have yet 2rd level domain name then you must purchase domain name from any domain name registration service. We don't sell 2rd level domain names.
  • No ads
  • Priority email support.
  • Paid account is operated as classical subscription based plan: you pay $29.99 each month.

    Click here to upgrade into paid account.

    We use leading world-wide e-commerce providers to process our orders.

    It should be paid by credit card. At the moment of purchase your credit card will be changed one for $29.99 for the upcoming 30 days. Then each month your credit card will be changed for the same amount $29.99. You can stop upcoming payments any time by contacting our e-commerce provider. When you stop upcoming payments your paid account becomes free account. It means that your information will be untouched. Your shop will simply show ads and it will be accessible via 4th level domain name like: www.star.shop.abacre.net

    If you don't have a credit card then there are many other payments options: PayPal, bank wire transfer and other payment methods like Check/ Cash, WebMoney. You should contact us for details. We may elaborate a convenient payment method and period (for example, payments made each quarter, half-year or year).