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Abacre e-Commerce

Abacre e-Commerce is an easy-to-use web-based ecommerce solution for small business.

In few mouse clicks you can create a simple online shop without any software installation. Your store will be hosted on our web servers located in secure, reliable, industry standard datacenters.

Our ecommerce solution works on top of in-house Abacre Cloud Platform. It runs as a classical SaaS (Software as a Service).

With Abacre e-Commerce you are not only getting traditional shopping cart software, but you are also getting complete e-commerce system with customers' management, reports and payment processing.

Abacre e-Commerce may be used under two licensing terms:

  • 100% free but with ads on pages, you will be able to have a shop with domains like www.star.shop.abacre.net, best.mall.abacre.net etc. But you cannot use it with purchased domain names like: www.myshop.com
  • Paid subscription: 29.99$/month. In this case there are no ads and you can use your own private domains like: www.myshop.com, or use our domain names like www.star.shop.abacre.net if you don't have yet your own domain. In addition you have priority email support to help you start your shop even faster. No setup fees.

There are no other limitations in free license. You can create unlimited number of products, process unlimited number of orders etc.

You don't have to loose your time in finding the best PHP scripts to run your store, you don't need to search for affordable web hosting, and you don't need to hire IT consultants for setups and configurations . Everything is already fine-tuned, up and running on top of our Abacre Cloud Platform. Just do your job by entering items, attracting customers and making sales.

Try it right now and Sign Up as a new vendor.

Or see vendors' shops using Abacre e-Commerce.

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What people are saying:
"Advanced Find and Replace is an incredible web admin tool. Both me and my database admin guy use it all the time. It has saved us many hours of work when it comes to making numerous changes to many .asp pages on our internal intranet site. Thank you for a really super product."

Terry Babin
Web Administrator
xwave ICSC Moncton New Brunswick, Canada

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Major clients:
Yahoo! Inc.,

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