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Documents searching

Documents searching allows you to find APO documents less than 10 seconds! It is extremely fast and easy. Just click Search button to begin searching. Search window will appear.

Search for text

Enter a text you want to find in a Search for text field. You can enter a text that contained in a document properties such as File name, Title, Description, Keywords or Author fields of a source document. For more information about editing document properties see document properties section.


Path field must contain the full path to the folder in which searching will be made. Click Browse button to define a path. If you wish to search in subfolders, check Search in subfolders box.

Date settings

Date settings allows you to customize your search. You can search by document's date of last changing. Just check Date box and choose Date searching mode. It can be a search of a document changed for the last X days, weeks,month, years (where X is a number of days, weeks,month, years ). Also it can be a search of a document changed between X and X (where X is a date).

Search in

This option allows you to define document's description fields where search will be made. For example, if you check Title box and uncheck all others, search will be made in Title fields of documents which contained path folder or its subfolders.


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