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These parameters are used in most reports generated by ALA, and they are also used in report filters.

 Parameter           Description  Example    
 ip  Remote IP address
 host  Name of host  www.abacre.com
 href  Full href  /products.htm
 referrer  Referrer of the page  http://freeware32.efront.com/file/new.htm
 visit_length  Number of pages visited by user during his visit  2
 year  Year  2003
 month  Month  12
 day  Day of month  30
 hour  Hour 0..23  
 min  Minutes 0..59  
 sec  Seconds 0..59  
 month_  Month in short written format  Jan, Feb
 time_taken  Time to download file  2000
 agent  User's agent. Normally includes version of OS and name of browser    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt)  
 method  Request method: GET, POST, HEAD  GET
 bytes  Transferred count of bytes  5862
 cooki  Cookie set by web browser  
 username  User name  bgates
 status  Status of requested page  404

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