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Report Filters

Using filters is the most interesting feature of ALA. For example, with filters you can exclude your own IP addresses from reports or make more specific reports.

Format of Filter :

Filter=param ;condition ;value
Conditions :

Condition Description Example
 includes  Parameter includes the value

 To make reports only for your products folder, use: Filter=href;includes;/products

 not_includes  Parameter does not include the value

 To ignore some folders from report: Filter=href;not_includes:

 equals  Parameter is equal to the value

 To count bad request files (404) use filter: Filter=status;equals;404

 not_equals  Parameter is not equal to the value

 To ignore counting of specific IP use: Filter=ip;not_equals;128.12.456.12

 included_in  Parameter is included in the value

 To filter zip and exe files, use: Filter=file_ext;included_in;.zip.exe

 included_in_file  Parameter is included in specified file.  See example below.
 included_in_file_once  Matches only once for parameter included in specified file  See example below

Example: you need to count the referrer sites of your real buyers. Suppose that you have a list of IPs of your buyers, where each line in the text file buyers.txt is an IP.
To get a list of referrer sites, you need to use a filter for a basic report:
Filter=ip; included_in_file;c:\ala\buyers.txt

Now, for instance, a buyer first found your site from www.download.com, then he purchased your product and then he visited your site again, but now he used www.google.com to find your program.
In this case, for this buyer you have two referrer sites: i.e. download.com and google. With the filter  included_in_file, both referrers will be displayed.

If you want to count only first entry to know how a buyer found your site the first time, use the included_in_file_once filter:

Read more about it in Using ALA for software companies.

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