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Site Filters

Filters are the most powerful feature of our analyzer. You can use them to exclude your own IP address from resulting reports or even to process the logs of multiple virtual sites.



This will exclude any activity originating from this IP address in the reports that are produced.

If you have one log for multiple sites then you can create a separate site on the Sites tab and add a filter for each site:

Param is a common parameter type used in the program.

Condition is the same as in report filters.


 Action  Description  Example
 Assign  assign  
 skip_line  Skip this line  Filter=ip;includes;195.90.136.;skip_line;
 replace_all  Replace whole line with a new one  
 replace_right  Replace right part with given text  
 replace_left  Replace left part with given text  Filter=referrer;includes;.deja.com;replace_left;http://www.deja.com
 add_right  Add New value parameter to right side of the text.  Filter=href;includes;/default.asp?menu=;add_right;.asp

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