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Sending reports by E-mail

With ALA you can analyze your log files and immidetly send reports to defined e-mail address.

First of all you need to set up ALA e-mail settings. Just click File -> Options and choose E-mail tab, then enter:

SMTP Server - To send reports in ALA, you must have access to a computer running an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server. Your outgoing reports are sent to the SMTP server, which delivers them to your recipients. The address may be represented as a traditional Internet host name (e.g.: mail.abacre.com) or as an IP numeric address (e.g.

SMTP port - To acsess to a computer running an SMTP you need to know its SMTP port, by default SMTP port is 25.

User ID - Enter the name that you will use to log in to this e-mail account. This name is provided by your Internet Service Provider or your organisation's e-mail administrator, and it usually consists of the text that appears before the at sign (@) in your return e-mail address. In the example andrew@abacre.com, the login name is andrew.

Sender - Enter the e-mail address that has been assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider or your organisation's e-mail administrator. E-mail addresses are generally of the form username@domainname, and andrew@abacre.com is an example.

Default reciever - E-mail address of default reciever. This is the address that will used to send you reports by default if no other addresses are defined.

Click Ok button to save your e-mail settings. Now, when settings are saved, you can simply send your ALA report by clicking 'Send results by E-mail' button on Results panel. Also, you can use sending reports by e-mail function on Schedule panel, just check 'Send reports by e-mail' checkbox on Action section of Schedule panel.

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