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Incremental analysis

Incremental analysis is the best way to speed up you work and save you time.

How it's works:

It's simple, just imagine that your month log file sizes more than 100 Mb. It's takes a lot of time to analyze it. With Incremental analysis you can speed up the process of analyzing and save your time and money. For example today is the 20th day of month, when you analyze your log file with non incremental analysis ALA analyze from 1st to 19th day and only then analyze 20th day, this process takes your time. When you analyze log file for the first time using incremental analysis, ALA analyze it from 1st to 19th day and store the results in a cache file, so that when you analyze your log file for the second time, you don't need to analyze it once again from 1st to 19th day, ALA takes the results from cache file and analyze only 20th day.

How to use Incremental analysis:

Click File -> Options then check Incremental analysis checkbox. Note: Incremental analysis is enabled by default.

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