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Using ALA in a hosting provider

If you are a hosting company we seriously recommend you look at our log analyzer. The whole architecture is designed to make an analysis of several sites in a scheduled mode.
Note that now you just need to pay only $129 to analyze all of your clients sites.

For instance, your servers are working on Windows 2000 and you need to provide rich statistics to your clients.

Step #1: Using batch file and command line parameters
Create a batch file, for instance, ala.bat with the following text inside:
ala.exe -analyze:all -exit

When ala.bat is started, the analyzer will :
 - Analyze all of the sites defined in websites.ini
 - Create HTML reports in output directories defined in websites.ini for each site.
 - Finish its work (because of exit parameter) automatically. 
Step #2: Using Scheduled tasks
You can also start ALA analyzer in scheduled mode.  For this we recommend you use the standard Windows scheduler or with our Schedule panel.
Please, look at:
Menu Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Systems Tools -> Scheduled tasks

Simply add a scheduled task that will run your ala.bat at the desired frequency.
In the Scheduled Task Wizard you simply need to press the Browse button and specify the path to your batch file.
Then you need to provide a name for your task and specify the frequency. At this step choose Daily.

When scheduled tasks have been created you can right click on Properties. Then on the Schedule tab press the Advanced button. After that you can specify the period more precisely, for instance, 'repeat task every 4 hours.'

Note: if you need any additional parameters or features, please ask us at support@abacre.com

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