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Command line parameters

ALA allows you to work with command line parameters. You can use ALA as part of an automated or scheduled process.
The syntax for running ALA in this mode is as follows:

ala.exe -analyze:all | "site name" -exit

When you run ALA without any parameters, it will be started in its normal mode.
If it has one or more parameters, it will try to interpret them.

List of parameters:

Specify the name of the site that you want to analyze. The name of the site is the same as that used in the 'Main' or 'Sites' tab of the program.

Example: -analyze:VKnoware
If the name of your site contains spaces, please surround the whole parameter in double quotes.
Example: "-analyze:Abacre"

If you are a hosting company, and you want to analyze all the logs of your clients, then you should specify the all value for this parameter. In this case analyze will analyze all the sites defined in the websites.ini file.
Default value: off


Specify path to log file(s).
For example,

"-logpath:C:\Program Files\Advanced Log Analyzer\ex041107.log"


"-logpath:C:\Program Files\Advanced Log Analyzer\*.log"


Specify location of configuration file for reports.
For example,

"-reportfile:C:\Program Files\Advanced Log Analyzer\reports.ini"


Specify folder where reports (HTML pages) will be located.

For example,
"-outputdir:C:\Program Files\Advanced Log Analyzer\ala_out\"

If this parameter is specified, the program will automatically close after the analysis process has completed.
Normally you would need to specify this parameter if you use the analyzer in scheduled mode.
Default value: off

Parameters for controlling period of analysis (date and time):

periodtype - values:
all - all it means that analysis will be done with all data of log file.
between - you should specify given period using periodfrom and periodto parameters.
forlast - specify periodlast and periodmeasure parameters.

For example:
"-periodtype:between" "-periodfrom:1/11/2004" "-periodto:6/11/2004"
It will analyze log log file starting from :1/11/2004 to 6/11/2004.

In periodfrom and periodto parameters you may specify date and time using your local Windows settings. To know the format of date and time used by your version of Windows: it's better to pickup the same settings from main.ini file. See AnalyzePeriodFrom and AnalyzePeriodTo parameters of main.ini file.

periodmeasure - specifies period measure (type):
0 - Hours
1 - Days
2- Months
3- Years

periodlast - any integer number.

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