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Search queries

If you use Google or Bing for long time, you can use Advanced Find and Replace right now to search your documents. For instance, you may put the following query:

+"John Smith" resume -salary

For those who does not know Google query language we just shortly mentions about it.

In AFR you may use words or phrases. To specify a phrase use quotes. A phrase may consist of several words or just has one word. And you may put any combinations of + or - chars in a phrase.

Examples of phrases:

"Hello World"


Examples of words:

Hello World 2 4

Note: this query consists of 4 words.

If you are sure that document you are searching MUST have a word or a phrase, put the + before it.

If you a words MUST NOT be in the document, use -. Anyway, if you are not sure, use query without - or + it will mean these words are POSSIBLE for files.

Note: don't put common used words, for instance, OR, NOT, A in a query.

It is better specify the query: "Advanced Find and Replace" than just Advanced Find and Replace. Because AND maybe found in many documents and distort results of your search.

If you just want to search files with given masks, don't put any query (put empty query). It will be equivalent to you normal Find procedure in Windows.

See also: Masks | Find operation