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Purchased license is valid for lifetime without expiration date.

We follow to the classical software licensing model:

  • updates within minor versions like from 3.4 into 3.5 are free
  • upgrades between major versions like from 4.x into 5.x are paid.

The price for the paid upgrade is 50% of initial purchase price. For example, for Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale Standard license the initial license costs $299.99 and the price for the upgrade is $149.99.

The purchasing of upgrade is optional. You may use purchased version as long as you wish without paying anything more. And you may purchase the paid upgrade when you wish. For example, you purchased standard license of version 4.x. Then you may purchase an upgrade into version 7.x for just $149.99.

If you purchase license six months before release of new major version then this major version will be free upgrade for you. For example, if you purchased version 5.9 and the next month we will release version 6.0. It will be free upgrade.

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