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How to backup database file?

First of all you need to know which is your database file.

Database files have FDB file extension in our program.


Start the program.

On Login window press More button.

You will see path to your database file.


There are two cases:

You may see full path to your database file, for example, C:\ARPOS\arpos.fdb

Then this is location of your database file.


In the second case you may see in path to database file just file's name, for example, arpos-test.fdb

In this case your database file is located in folder:

\My Documents\Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale 7\


Note: this is My Document files. It's not Program Files folder. In order to locate this folder do the following:

in Windows press Start button.

On the right side of popup panel you will see Documents link.

Click on it. Inside you will see Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale 7 subfolder.

There is your arpos-test.fdb file.


Now to backup your database file you may simply copy it into another folder. Or put it into zip archive.

That's all.