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SUNPHOR SUP-80FP Fiscal Printer

Follow to the steps to setup this type of printers:

  1. Make general configuration described on fiscal printers page.
  2. Go to menu Configuration – Bill Configuration – Parameters.
  3. Specify SUP-80FP as Fiscal Printer Interface.
  4. Specify COM Port.

Very important: You need to do this step otherwise orders will be declined by printer. Set tax taxes using printer's utility. For example, you may set two rates: 10.00% and 20.00%. Thus you need to program your printer to remember these your tax rates. There are can be just one tax rate or several tax rates. It depends on your country's taxation rules.


For each item you need to set VAT ID on menu - Configuration - Items. For example, if tax rate applied for item is 10.00% then you need to put into VAT ID field the text: 1000 If 20.00% tax rate is applied for item then you need to put 2000 into VAT ID rate. (So it's tax rate multiplied by 100). You need to set it for all items.

That's all.

Other note:

  • Order discounts are not supported in current version of software.

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