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Notification Printers - How can I use kitchen and bar printers?

How can I use kitchen and bar printers in Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale?

We call kitchen and bar printers as "notification printers".

How to setup your kitchen and bar printers?

Follow to the instructions:

1. Go to main menu - Configuration - Notification Printers. Add a printer for food (kitchen printer) and then add a printer for bar.

2. Go to main menu - Configuration - Menu Item Categories. For each category assign a notification printer. For example, for DRINKS category you may assign the bar printer defined on the previous step. And for STARTERS, MAIN COURSES, DESSERTS you may assign the kitchen printer.

How does it work?

After a server entered menu items in the order she may use main menu - Action - Print Notifications command or press F7. Then menu items added for the order will be automatically printed on kitchen and bar printers.

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