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Datecs FPrint Fiscal Printer

  1. Make general configuration described on fiscal printers page.
  2. Go to menu Configuration – Bill Configuration – Parameters.
  3. Specify FPrint as Fiscal Printer Interface.
  4. Specify COM Port.

That's all.

Configuration of Datecs FPrint software

Download FPrint software from official Datecs site.

Install it. FPrint software must be installed in one of two default locations:

C:\Program Files\Datecs Applications\FPrint WIN\

Or (on 64 bit systems):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Datecs Applications\FPrint WIN\

Connect fiscal printer to computer.

Start FPrint software.

In FPrint you must specify:

  1. Country, device, COM port, Serial Number, Key.
  2. Default executable file (must be): C:\Users\User\Documents\Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale 6\CashFile.inp
  3. Answer file (may be any): C:\Users\User\Documents\Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale 6\answer.txt
  4. Hide selection from resident mode option
  5. Press Save button.

That's all.

In Abacre Point of Sale you may try to add items to order and press Close order button to take payment. Then receipt will be automatically printed on fiscal printer.

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