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Activation FAQ

What is activation?

Activation is a process complementary to registration process needed protect software from piracy.

Is Activation is obligatory?
Yes, activation is obligatory.

When should I do activation?
Activation should be done right after registration. Usually software automatically shows Activation Wizard once registered.

I purchased one license of the product how many computer can I install the software?
According to our license terms you may install the software only on one computer if you purchased only one license.

Should my computer be connected to Internet in order to make activation?
Activation may be performed in two ways: Online activation and Offline activation.

When using Online Activation you simply press Activate button. Then your copy of the software will be activated automatically using existing Internet connection in few seconds.

For Offline Activation you don't need Internet connection on your computer. You should write down your Workstation Key and go to another computer (for example, at home or in Internet cafe) having Internet connection. There you have to login into our web site:

Then you should follow to Activate link and provide Workstation Key. After pressing Get Activation Key button you will receive Activation Key. After that you may go back to your computer and type there your Activation Key and press Activate button. Your copy of software will be activated.

What is Activation Key?
You receive Activation Key a unique key needed to activation your copy of software.

What is Workstation Key?
Workstation Key is unique key obtained using hashing different hardware of you computer.

What is Deactivation?
Deactivation is the process of unlocking (deactivating) your purchased license on computer. Later you may install the software on new computer and use this license. In order to make deactivation go to main menu – Help – Deactivation. If your computer has Internet connection you may simply press Deactivate button in Online Deactivation method. Otherwise you should write down your deactivation key and go to computer having Internet connection (for example, at home or in Internet cafe).

There you have to login into our web site:

Then you should follow to Deactivate link and provide Deactivation Key. Then you should press Deactivate button. After that you may go back to your computer and remove the software from computer or activate it again after installing new hardware.

When exactly should I do Deactivation?
You should make Deactivation in exactly two cases:

  • Before removing the software from your computer.
  • Before changing computer's hardware.

What is Deactivation Key?
Deactivation Key is received after you press Deactivate button during deactivation procedure.

I want to upgrade my hardware. Will it change my activation status?
Before upgrading your hardware we recommend you to deactivate this copy. Then you can install new hardware and after that try to activate it again.

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