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Deposit's template configuration

If you want to create template for deposit into client's in-house accounts then read the main page about templates. Go to menu Configuration - Templates and create new template with template type Deposits.

When you may use any HMTL editor to create any deposit layout. You may also create a sample layout in Word or Excel and send it to Abacre support. We will try to create a layout based on your sample file.

The following parameters may be used in deposit's template:

  • {$depositno} - deposit's number;
  • {$depositdate} - deposit's date;
  • {$date} - current date (when the report is printed).
  • {$depositamount} - deposit's total amount.

Payment table:

  • {$payments} ... {$/payments} - start and end of payments lines.
  • {$paymentname} - payment's name (media name).
  • {$paymentpaid} - payment's paid amount.
  • {$paymentchange} - payment's change amount.
  • {$paymentnet} - net payment.
  • {$paymentdate} - date of payment.
  • {$paymentdate} - payment media type: 0 - card, 1 - cash, 2 - check, 3 - account, 4 - gift card, 5 - loyalty points.
  • {$printonbillprinter} - put this parameter into any place and the deposit will be printed on bill printer instead of invoice A4/Letter printer.

Other common parameters may be used in deposit's template:

  • All property's parameters like {$propertyname}
  • All client's parameters like {$clientfirstname}
  • All worker's parameters like {$workerfirstname}

Read more about these common fields on bill configuration page.

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