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Purchasing and Registration

Evaluation period of Abacre Hotel Management System is 30 days, after that time you should purchase it from one of our resellers or remove the program.

Abacre Limited uses PayPro as e-commerce registration service. It is really fast, secure and reliable method of registration. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, check, bank wire transfer, purchase order, phone call, fax over secure web server, 24-hour, 7-day!

Please choose your license type and click on buy now link to proceed.

Abacre Hotel Management SystemPriceOrder link
Lite license for 1 workstation.$179.99Buy Now
Standard license for 1 workstation.$359.99Buy Now
Professional license for 1 workstation.$539.99Buy Now

See Lite vs. Standard vs. Professional licenses feature matrix

Note 1: Choose number of workstations (computers) in your hotel in Quantity (Qty) field of order form.

Note 2: Volume discounts are also available if you purchase several licenses.

Volume prices for Lite license

QtyPrice per licenseTotal priceOrder link
2$151.19$302.38Buy Now
3$147.59$442.76Buy Now
4$143.99$575.95Buy Now
5$140.39$701.94Buy Now
6$136.79$820.73Buy Now
7$133.19$932.32Buy Now
8$129.59$1,036.70Buy Now
9$125.99$1,133.89Buy Now
10+$122.39$1,223.88+Buy Now

Volume prices for Standard license

QtyPrice per licenseTotal priceOrder link
2$302.39$604.78Buy Now
3$295.19$885.56Buy Now
4$287.99$1,151.95Buy Now
5$280.79$1,403.94Buy Now
6$273.59$1,641.53Buy Now
7$266.39$1,864.72Buy Now
8$259.19$2,073.50Buy Now
9$251.99$2,267.89Buy Now
10+$244.79$2,447.88+Buy Now

Volume prices for Professional license

QtyPrice per licenseTotal priceOrder link
2$453.59$907.18Buy Now
3$442.79$1,328.38Buy Now
4$431.99$1,727.96Buy Now
5$421.19$2,105.95Buy Now
6$410.39$2,462.34Buy Now
7$399.59$2,797.14Buy Now
8$388.79$3,110.33Buy Now
9$377.99$3,401.93Buy Now
10+$367.19$3,671.92+Buy Now

Your benefits

  • A complete hotel management system that encompasses all aspects of the hotel, from taking reservations and check in/check out to billing and tax reports. A rich set of reports covers all hotel/motel operations and life cycles.
  • Very affordable pricing!
  • Easy to install and start to use.
  • Free email support.

You can also find latest information about registration at our home Site.

When you will register our program, please read registration instructions about entering reg key.

Enjoy using our software!

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What people are saying:
"For years we used one MS DOS restaurant POS system until we finally found a good Windows-based replacement: Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale. I compared it with many other programs and I stopped on ARPOS, because it's well-done and well-priced. So we bought touch screen monitors, new computers and ARPOS. The change from the old MS DOS system into new Windows-based system was dramatic: in ARPOS we use images for menu items for faster navigation, reports are amazing and the program itself is quite configurable and handy. Since that time I am a definitive fan of ARPOS and I recommend it to my business friends."

Bob Emerton
NY, USA Read more

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Yahoo! Inc.,

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