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We suggest you to read our first start page before reading this FAQ. Note: If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Where can I find more help information: manuals and tutorials?

Historically we started these help pages. But these help pages are not complete. We started to add advanced help topics and tutorial on our online web site: www.pointofsale.abacre.net

There you may find detailed topics for all missing information. Let us know if you have any questions. We will create new topics. You may also watch video tutorials on our Youtube's channel.

When I first time run Abacre Hotel Management System, it says that I need to enter user name and password. Where I can find it?
When you first time run Abacre Hotel Management System, for testing purposes please enter:
user name: admin
password: 111111
After that you should define users and change admin password. For more information about adding new users see workers configuration section.

What's Firebird database server? Why is it better than other databases?

How to upgrade from Microsoft Access's database into Firebird's database?

If I purchase now Lite license can I later upgrade into Standard license?

Can Abacre Hotel Management System work with touch screen monitors?

I turned on AHMS on computer at home how can I transfer settings and data on computer at work (hotel)?

How to backup AHMS data?

How to use Abacre Hotel Management System in network?

It is hard for me to set up my first hotel project. Where I can found some examples of ready to use databases?

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