Reports. Please help

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Reports. Please help

Post by Poienita » Tue Jun 03, 2008 8:57 am

Hello! Ive downloaded ARPOS and it is a good program, I want to buy it, but first off all I have a problem and I dont know how to solve it!

My restaurant open at 10.00 AM (in the morning) and it closed when the last client leaves. Sometimes at 5.00 AM next morning. So for example:

Open on 06.03.2008 at 10 AM
Close on 07.03.2008 at 5 AM
and re-open on 07.03.2008 at 10 AM.

I have 25 servers, who introduce their own orders on computers. No cashier, just they.
I want to see a report based on servers but , when I select for , it appears on 07.03.2008 from 24.00 h to 24.00 h.
What i ask you is:
Can I see a report of servers just from open time of restaurant until close time of restaurant?

Something like z-out report but for servers.

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