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Compatible printer and cash drawer

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 7:07 pm
by raultsu
Can you recommend a receipt printer and cash drawer that is compatible with this software. I have a another business and i installed the trial version on that machine but i cant get the cash drawer to open. Thanks

Re: Compatible printer and cash drawer

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2007 5:12 pm
by Abacre
Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale works with almost all models of printers and cash drawers.
It's rather a question of your budget, your preferred printing method or paper's size.

The most common printers used by our customers are EPSON printers.
For example, you can use EPSON TM U220PD or any other EPSON's model.

The general consideration: it's better if printer supports OPOS drivers. It's more natural for POS software to control printer via OPOS drivers. But ARPOS can work with printers via Windows drivers too. It means that it may work with almost any printers.

Now the question about opening cash drawer is the most common question.
Ideally you should have cash drawer which supports OPOS drivers.
In this case:
1. Install CCO OPOS drivers (Read more).
2. Install OPOS drivers supplied with cash drawer.
3. Run OPOS Setup utility supplied with your cash drawer.
4. Using this utility you may give a name (Logical Device Name: LDN) to your cash drawer, for example, you may call it MyCashDrawer.
5. Start ARPOS.
6. Go to menu Configuration - Bill Configuration - Cash Drawer and Pole
7. Check "Use Cash Drawer" option.
8. Put your LDN into Logical Device Name for Cash Drawer field. You should put: MyCashDrawer if you follow to our example.
9. Press OK in Bill Configuration window.
10. You may close ARPOS and start it again.
That's all you need to do.

To be sure you can make the optional step: press Details button right to "Use Cash Drawer" option and verify that "OPOS driver" is selected for "Cash Drawer Connection method" option.

Now if you are going to use cash drawer which does not support OPOS drivers:

ARPOS can work with these cash drawers too.
But in this case you should find a command to open the cash drawer. Normally this command is given in manual for your cash drawer. But you can also contact support of manufacturer of your cash drawer. The manufacturer will send you the correct command.

For example, you can use Dynapos CD300 or CD500 Cash Drawers.
This cash drawer is connected directly to printer.
Step-by-step instructions for this printer:
1. Start ARPOS.
2. Go to menu Configuration - Bill Configuration - Cash Drawer and
3. Check option "Use Cash Drawer".
4. Press "Details" button located right to the "Use Cash Drawer"
5. On new window select "Direct connection to Printer" as "Connection
6. Select "Hexadecimal" for "Format" option.
7. Copy paste the following command:
or you may also try the following command:
Note: these commands should be used with EPSON printers only for direct connection to printer. If you use Star printer or RS-232 cable to connect directly to computer you should use other commands. You can find these commands in Dynapos documentation.
8. Press OK in this window.
9. Press OK in "Bill Configuration" window.
10. Close ARPOS.
11. Start ARPOS again.
12. That's all. Now you may test it:
Go to menu Configuration - Bill Configuration - Cash Drawer and
Pole - press "Open" button
use "Open Cash Drawer" button located on window New Order -
Close Order - Take Payment.

You see it's a bit simpler to setup cash drawer supporting OPOS drivers, but it will also work for other connection methods too.

Re: Compatible printer and cash drawer

Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 8:34 pm
by geebet
Can the software fire out the cash drawer if it's connected to the computer, or does the drawer have to be connected to the printer?

Re: Compatible printer and cash drawer

Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 9:50 pm
by Abacre
ARPOS can work with most types of cash drawers: connected directly to computer or directly to printer. It depends on your cash drawer and printer.