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Close Order Cash Drawer Open

Post by FriendOfMine » Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:02 pm

I am purchasing this software today but I have a few issues I need resolved first. I will post them separately so it is easier for me to find them.
Here is the process we want to use:
Waitress gets order from customer, goes to the POS terminal and enters the order. The last step of order entry is to click Print Notifications to send the order to the 2 printers (1 printer is for main kitchen and the other is for pizza). After the waitress takes the food to the table, they will go back and want to print the bill. This should do nothing but print the bill so the customer knows what to pay. The customer will then take the bill to the register who will take the money. The register should only have to find the bill in the system and click close order. Close Order will not print out another bill, it will only calculate money owed and open the cash drawer.
Print Bill function opens the cash drawer twice. We do not want it to open the cash drawer at all. I would rather have Close order open the cash drawer.

I have gone into configuration, Bill Configuration, Cash Drawer & Pole. I have a check mark in use cash drawer. Local device is Receipt (name of printer), Open cash drawer is set to on pressing close order. Details has direct connection to printer and the commands field is blank.

How do I setup the software to open the cash drawer only when choosing Close Order?

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Re: Close Order Cash Drawer Open

Post by Abacre » Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:05 pm

We already wrote you some information today. We made various tests. It seems like ARPOS is working fine in such situations. For your case you should really specify that the cash drawer should open "on pressing Close Order button".
1. LDN should be empty if you are not using OPOS drivers (because you specified "Direct connection to printer" on Details tab).
2. Command to cash drawer normally could not be empty. So you should open manual of your cash drawer and find out which command you should send to the cash drawer. Please send us the manual if you have it in PDF or any other electronic media.

Thus, you should create correct connection to the cash drawer. And your cash drawer will be only opened on pressing Close Order button (that's what you need).

The best way to do it:
Read the manual of your cash drawer. If your cash drawer supports OPOS drivers then we highly recommend you to use OPOS drivers for connection.
But if your cash drawer does not support OPOS drivers then on details tab you should specify direct connection to printer. In this case you must specify the command.
Some cash drawers can be configured to be opened on sending any command. Therefore read the manual of cash drawer.

Read here how to work with OPOS drivers: ... driver.htm
Kind regards,
Abacre Limited

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